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by this afternoon like yesterday. 68 by noon, 70 by 5:00. back to you. >> thank you. local utility companies continue preparing ahead of sandy. this morning bge employees will stock their vehicles with power restoration manuals. pepco officials this afternoon will provide information to the public on how to prepare. some experts predict the storm could leave at least $1 billion in damage. >> local residents are doing what they can to prepare for every brings. autria godfrey has more. >> crashing into the caribbean hurricane sandy and toppling trees and pulling down power lines and leaving thousands stranded. the storm that is threatening to slam into the d.c. region is a bad weather behemoth that's estimated to cause $1 billion in damages. no stranger to preparing for the worst, the manager at a restaurant in old town has sandbags on standby at the front door. >> anytime this happens we lose a lot of money. >> across the area, people are preparing for blast of wild weather. pepco crews are hoping to keep outages in college park to a minimum, something some alexandria would see in their neigh
local mass transit systems will not be working throughout the entire day. >> is 4:38. local utilities companies have been spending the past couple of days getting ready for sandy. >> there is a saying that goes, the calm before the storm. >> we are holding firm as far as our restoration effort. crews are in place as far as out-of-town. safety is a prime concern at pepco. they drove a long way. we brought more of the calvary. the winds need to pick up. the many utilities up and down the eastern seaboard, and if they are not in place today they will need to be. >> there could be more than 1 million outages. >> if to track the storm from new england all the way to hampton roads virginia, millions of people will be impacted. we do not know how many customers will be out. we know that if be forecast holds together, we will have an extended period of winds a 50-60 miles per hour. a lot of trees in washington. the trees will affect the power lines. tomorrow will be the peak critical periods. >> how many people have you brought in from out of state? >> we have requested over 2500. we brought
that might have front-end damage. friends and family mourning the loss of a local professor killed accident in downtown washington. was walking his dog in his penn quarter neighborhood and that when a car the sidewalk and struck him. professor atory university. >> i felt so terrible. my immediate reaction was to prayer. >> i think we are all in shock devastated at the such a warm colleague, teacher. police believe the driver may have suffered a medical emergency/ a woman believed to be d.c.'s resident will be laid to rest today. her 110thams at celebration two years ago in this video? . on september 21 at age of 112th. perfume will will be at 11:00 at church inpolitan ame northwest. she credited god for her long life. willexandra residents a chance to hear from mayoral candidates and council candidates. the event takes place from 7:00 until 9:30 tonight at george washington middle school. there's a dual repeats on the loose in prince william county. has been ripping necklaces of his victims' necks. eye witness hatter's stolen last evening outside her apartment in manassas. the steve surely
provide a boost to the ski resorts, who may be able to open early. >> a lot of local area children wanted to make sure they would get out to do some trick-or- treating for halloween. looks like that will be the case. >> it's going to be cold at for that. they will be wearing boots to trick-or-treat pit bull in west virginia. the storm should be out of here for everybody for trick-or- treating tomorrow night. -- they will be wearing boots for trick-or-treating in west virginia. something to watch in the next 12 hours or so. the center of circulation of sandy is in the central part of virginia. it's no longer a tropical system. it is post-tropical. the hurricane center is no longer at pressuri -- is no longer issuing advisories. one of the greatest problems for us will be flooding. we do have several flood watches and warnings in effect, pretty much all across the area. the smaller rivers and streams for the most part that have been affected. record rainfall from sandy. 5.5 inches at bwi 4.25 at dulles, a three-point 8 at reagan national yesterday. that blew away the old record that was set
washington," on your side. ahead, two local veterinarians are the focus of a search in miami after they afterrn home hiking and mountain. good morning. it's monday, october 15. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. let's get to meteorologist jacqui jeras. a nice morning. last.will not we have clouds and rain around the corner. taking a look at the satellite picture, there have been a couple sprinkles to the west overnight. the rain will hold off for the the metro area for the morning commute. showers are moving in from the west. will increaserain throughout the day. 66 in the district, 67 at dulles, 66 in gaithersburg. temperatures will top out in the 70's. occasional showers especially in afternoon with a few thunderstorms. on thethe latest forecast. .et's check on traffic >> a couple items. first, prince william police say roadhbound sudley lemond drive is closed. as far as interstate '95, southbound near rte. 3, overnight construction is gone, northbound it looks like all the open. lanes are maryland, around the beltway, when 93 university the road work is gone and it look
will be tomorrow.ll be there >> several local schools are taking part in international school that. it's to encourage more families of their cars and on their feet to enjoy the benefits of walking and bicycling to school. >> the health care and the restaurant industries may be the place to be if you are looking for work. and u.s. workers are feeling aboutle more confident the nation's jobs outlook. >> that is good news. 41% of respondents who lost jobs recently are jobmistic they will find a in the next six months. those with jobs say concerns possibility of being off is down 17%. the health-care industry is a choice as the baby boom generation ages. job postings for positions registered nurse to 13%ysical therapist rose of 2011 through june of this year. do get paid pretty well, but lower-paid home health aides are in higher demand. workers in the restaurant industry are in demand as well. industry is headed for its strongest year since 2004. the owner of olive garden hirenced it plans to expands.rkers as it bald man in the workforce in the world, more on that in the next hour. is bus
local schools will participate in the drill. drop cover, and hold on. this comes after the first anniversary of the magnitude 5.8 quake on the east coast. >> back to normal on 270 after an four-vehicle spill in bethesda. a tractor-trailer started leaking fuel and that led to some lanes being shut down nearly three hours during the cleanup. >> in business news, d.c. college students are deep in debt. >> american airlines is in hiring mode. ellen braitman joins us from bloomberg in new york. >> good morning. market's pretty quiet this morning. earnings season in full swing. we will get a corporate report card on chipotle, google, microsoft, verizon, southwest today. american airlines is looking to hire 1500 flight attendants. surprising because the company is trying to trim costs. it has not hired flight attendants in over a decade. the current attendance had accepted a voluntary buyout. gallaudet continue to be on the rise -- college debt continues to be on the rise. students are $26,000 in debt on average. that's a 5% jump from the prior year. even worse in d.c., they owe $28,000
. >> congratulations to him. >> well done. >> still ahead, a local parents taking their children it or treating -- anncr: every president inherits challenges. few have faced so many. four years later... our enemies have been brought to justice. our heroes are coming home. assembly lines are humming again. ththere are still challenges to meet. children to educate. a middle class to o rebuild. but the last thing we should do is turn back now. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve e this message. >> top stories -- president obama is traveling to new jersey today to take a look at this. he wants to assess the damage left behind by superstores sandy. carvel wind, a motion surged knocked oceanfront homes write off their foundations. homes and streets in many parts of the state were flooded. new york city is struggling to return to normal. thousands of homes and businesses are still without power this morning. traffic tunnels us up -- flooded. it could be several days before they are reopened. dozens of hummer -- dozens of homes were destroyed when a fire ravaged neighborhoo
by creating more educational opportunities for local children. it will include anti-bullying and michelle obama's "let's move" campaign, and literacy promotion. it's 48 degrees on this thursday morning. >> beyonce does not think she's irreplaceable. find out why she is handing over the starring role in the remake >> thursday morning. it is a cool start to the day but it's going to be cool the next couple days with a little warming by the end of the weekend on sunday, putting us a few degrees above average. we will be back down below average today. 49 in arlington, 45 and starling -- sterling. 51 in camp springs, 47 in lanham, maryland. mostly sunny today, high temperatures in the low 60's today. 62 degrees for the high temperature. for the nationals game around 4:00, 62 degrees. it will be shading your home plate as the sunset. temperatures dropping down to the mid to upper 50's by the end of the game with a northwesterly breeze at 5-10 miles an hour. here's your weekend outlook and for the susan g. komen walk breezy on friday, 64. on the weekend 62 on saturday. by sunday, 73. no chance o
exhibits by school and local groups as well as free healthy snacks and educational workshops. >> 59 degrees outside. >> still to come gangam >> rise and shine on this wednesday. >> if you need an excuse to get up today jacqui that. get out early. >> it is 60 degrees -- can you believe it? that is closer to where we should be for the average high this time of year. the average height is 66. we do have some cloudiness associated with the system moving through the area, and it could squeeze out if you sprinkles. otherwise it will be a great day. quantico up 57 degrees. lexington park at 64. high pressure -- that is keeping the warm front up to our north. despite that little disturbance will see its drive for the most part. we have to follow this cold front over the weekend -- some big changes. today, partly cloudy skies and warm. a record high today is 84, just shy of that. he will be out in the storm chasers -- watch for him to pop up in the 5:00 hour. let's check up on traffic now. >> thank you. interstate 95 virginia, unfortunately, had a serious crash before midnight. a tractor-trailer o
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10